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At Harrison's we provide a well trained and experienced team to ensure your project runs smoothly from the initial call to project completion & walk-thru. Our services are wide-ranging, however, our prominent areas of expertise are as follows: 


Check out some of our recent projects here: 


Harrison's offers a wide variety of industrial services to prevent or correct safety concerns as they arise. Our procedures and regular safety training ensures everyone on a job-site goes home unscathed at the end of the day - both our employees & yours.

We also can keep your facility clean and safe and when suitable aim to ensure our presence on site does not impact the day to day workings of your business. Harrison's uses speciality coatings designed for hospitals, food manufacturers, and many other industries.

We can keep your site looking and working as new by utilising our experience and expertise in specialised coatings to ensure the correct product and method of application is suitable to the task at hand. We also offer evening and weekend work at no extra cost to you, so as not to disturb your normal production schedule. Whilst our site shut down service enables us to work around the clock to get your big projects done in a short period of time without interrupting work flow. 

Industry is a broad term, so if you're wondering whether we can cater to you here's a list of our 'industrial specific services':

Industrial Painting for Manufacturing Plants

Ethanol Plants

Oil & Gas Terminals

Services for Industrial General Contractors

Terminal Painting

Plant, Holiday & Shutdown Work

Epoxy Flooring Systems

No coating system would be suitable without the required preparation, in some cases, this may require the complete removal of the former 'aged' material, our services in this regard are as follows:

Sandblasting & Abrasive Blasting 

Vapour Assisted Sand Blasting 

Vapour Assisted Sandblasting in Remote Areas 

Sponge Blasting

Sometimes, you've waited a little too long to reapply a new protective coating and rust has set in, well have no fear, our expertise can aid in this also. Whilst a surface may have experienced some level of oxidation, with correct and thorough preparation combined with the appropriate coating can have such areas looking brand new. Whether this is simply; Heavy Industrial locations, steal work, pipe-coatings, catwalks, stairs, railings and ladders. Harrison's can provide coatings for any rust encapsulation. 

Here at Harrison's:

We take our responsibility for the Health & Safety to both our Staff and all operatives or clients on site very seriously, for more information, please check out our Health & Safety Policy:


Commercial property managers and owners have relied on Harrison's expertise for over 30 years to deliver quality workmanship at a competitive price. Harrison's prides itself on it's integrity and devotion to every client on every job.  

Besides interior and exterior painting, our commercial services division offers a wide variety of skills to enhance, protect, and increase the market value of your property. Take a look below and you'll see Harrison's can be your 'go-to' contractor for many of your maintenance needs.  Our internal processes allow us to efficiently assist you from the very beginning. Harrison's has an excellent track record of keeping projects on and even ahead of schedule, ensuring enough men are on-site when we may be faced with any unforeseen delays, such as weather or another trade falling behind. That kind of flexibility goes a long way towards client satisfaction and sets us apart from other outfits. 

Our commercial services include: 

Corporate Office Painting

Industrial Cleaning

Parking Garage Painting & Flooring

Interior Commercial Painting for Malls & Shopping Centres

Painting & Flooring for Retail Spaces

Painting & Flooring for Retail Spaces

Painting & Flooring for Schools & Universities 

Painting for Health Care Facilities

Painting & Flooring Services for Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Painting & Floor Coatings for Churches and Places of Worship

Painting & Flooring for Entertainment Venues

Each site however, is always unique, and our range of services aim to cater to all of your requirements, quite literally from the ground up; 

Exterior Painting

Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Interior Painting

Fluid Applied Roof Coatings

Warehouse Ceiling Painting 

Electrostatic Painting

Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Scuff Resistant Wall Coatings

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Services

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Stud-wall Repair, Tape & Texture

Line Marking & Bin Marking

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