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Spray Paint

Airless & HVLP Spray Painting

Airless and HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray painting are utilised for large industrial and commercial painting and decorating projects, but there are certain differences between the two methods, with each having their own specific benefits and uses. 

Both methods are used to provide a sleek professional finish, however, not all projects, buildings or surfaces are the same, with different methods utilised to best effect based upon the specific circumstances. HVLP and Airless spray painting work in different ways, providing a variety of looks for different surface types both internally and externally. Some of these differences have been outlined below, hopefully establishing how these two methods could benefit your project. 

HVLP Spray

HVLP is a particularly precise method of delivery, this can be beneficial for both internal and external projects, where it is important to ensure minimal mess and overspray, ensuring other elements of the decoration and items in situ are not compromised. The detail and precision available with HVLP is also very beneficial when dealing with small, delicate areas or items of furniture.


HVLP spray works by atomising the paint, injecting air through a compressor. As a result, this method is a lot quieter than airless spray and so perfect for internal renovation projects, causing minimal disruption to commercial and industrial works, when still in operation. 

In addition, HVLP spray painting ensures a uniform appearance, often an important consideration for brands and companies which desire a consistent finish across their units. 

Airless Spray

On the other hand, airless spray painting is also a great external and internal painting method. Airless spray covers large surfaces in a quick and efficient fashion. It is particularly favoured over HVLP for projects requiring large scale coatings and the use of thick industrial grade paints. 

Airless spray works through the pressurisation of the paint our of a small nozzle, providing a faster but louder spray over a greater area. It operates at a high temperature, pressures and volume. 

For projects requiring efficiency and with little detail, Airless Spray is the perfect solution. 

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