Harrisons's ICS is a family run business, our philosophy is quality not quantity and with our team, that is what you will get.


With countless decades of experience, our management team are here to provide you with an efficient and renowned service, from quotation through to completion and aftercare. 



Our Team


CEO & Managing Director

CEO & head-honcho, Mark co-founded Harrison's in 1988. Over 30 years of experience, Mark oversees all Harrison's operations and is the primary point of contact for all costs and quotations. 

When he's not consoling himself for his recent fantasy football debacle, you'll be sure to find him harmlessly teasing Teddy, Smit or Cree. 



I'd say Ted is a very good boy, but cheeky and mischievous is probably more accurate. On the day to day grind of working dog life, Ted is often found keeping our boss Mark company. If only Mark realised Ted's the true top dog at Harrison's! 

The day never ends for Ted, with his night job to guard the Harrison's premises.



Site Manager

With almost 30 years on the clock at Harrison's, David, known as Smit on site! provides invaluable experience to our team. As a Site Manager, David is a regular and welcome face on the job and one of our first-aider's to boot! 

In his down time, Smit enjoys spending time with his pups, pina-coladas and getting caught in the rain. 



Supervisor & First Aider

Our class clown Cree, keeps the older lads on their toes whilst on site, with a cheeky grin and a joke ready to go. Making those early mornings feel all the earlier! 

In his spare time, Cree enjoys spending time with his daughter and finding new ways of terrorising Smit.



CFO and co-founder, Diane overseas our financial operations, ensuring suppliers and sub-contractors and staff are paid. 


n her spare time Diane is studying for her PD in Clinical Psychology and can often be found psychoanalysing the team, much to our consternation! 



HR & Marketing Manager

You have me to thank for this lovely and easily perused website! Within Harrison's I also deal with staff training, elements of procurement and our various accreditation's. 

In my spare time, I am currently training for my private pilots licence! 




New to the team Rio has started his apprenticeship with Oldham College. He has hit the ground running as they say, regularly challenging Mark in the teams fantasy football league.


Will he manage a complete upset for the 2020/21 season and take the trophy? Only time will tell. In the mean time he's a dab hand with a scraper! 



Our resident handyman. Simon's ability to turn his hand to the most obscure of issues, along with his extensive experience ensure that any Harrison's site is well taken care of. In many respects, he is the Bert to Smit's Ernie. 

When back at home, Simon enjoys the latest cinematic releases, keeping up to date with national politics and trouncing the rest of our team at fantasy football. 

Site Manage, Supervisor & First Aider







Cleaner & Caretaker